Working From Home Tips

As a company who promotes Hosted Desktop Solutions we are used to working out of the office.

However we appreciate that to a huge proportion of individuals this will be a brand new concept and with that in mind we would like to offer some advice:

  • Set up a designated working area in the house, the closer this replicates your business workspace the better
  • Try to keep to your regular hours every day, structure is very important
  • Stick to the schedule you have planned
  • Plan your breaks and adhere to them
  • If there are others at home with you, where possible try to schedule tasks that need more concentration at a time when maybe the rest of the house is outdoors or quiet. You may need to move your daily work plan to accommodate this, however this will maximise your productivity.
  • Be aware of your posture – change your position often if possible or take small walks
  • Keep hydrated, It will help your concentration levels

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