What is Patch Management?

There are many different aspects that define the overall security of a company’s infrastructure, one of which is patch management. It is one of the most important tasks as leaving software and operating systems unpatched puts your business at risk of a serious security breach.

Patches apply to several components that exist within a network infrastructure, the number of patches which are required on a consistent basis can be overwhelming. This is why it is important to devise a patch management process to ensure the proper preventive measures are taken against potential threats.

To independently manually monitor and apply security updates can be difficult and time consuming, delays can open a door to cybercriminals.

So if this is your responsibility within your company or the company you work for, do you feel confident that you have the time and knowledge to actively do this?

If the answer is no then let us take ownership of this task to give you ultimate peace of mind and alleviate it from your workload.

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