Time to Make Changes

How it used to be

Traditionally customers had all their own IT equipment on site which they managed in-house, paid for in bulk as well as the ongoing license and maintenance fees associated with it.

What we do

We go into companies and totally transform their IT and create huge impacts by moving their IT into our cloud we then manage their IT setup and maintenance including providing them with helpdesk support and ensuring their data is protected. We dramatically reduce their hardware costs by removing their onsite hardware, protect their data in our cloud and just charge per user, per month We eradicate their responsibility of keeping the systems backed up and protected, furthermore national companies have the security of knowing their data is stored on our equipment in UK datacentres.

Why it matters

With a big focus in the media on ransomware and GDPR we are able to provide peace of mind we are taking care of their data.

Quick Example

Hi-Force is a national company who we initially worked with at their site in Daventry. We provided a total cloud solution for them and have since added more of their national sites into our cloud, including Dubai, South Africa and the Netherlands. As a company we have given them one central IT system so that all files, data and systems are shared throughout the entire company. They can work from anywhere in the world on any device as long as there is an internet connection. When we first worked with Hi-Force their management teams were travelling overseas to share information, we have eliminated the need to travel and created a standardised IT system, reducing their expenditure and improving their productivity.

Why Our Customers Like Us

We connect companies based in the UK with sites all over the world, our engineers regularly travel internationally, which means our customers no longer need to.

We make IT costs transparent and manageable for our customers and create the perfect solution for their business.

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