Three things legal firms need to do to feel the benefits of Cloud Technology in 2018

Leading edge law firms are already reaping the benefits from cloud technology such as improved efficiencies and mobile working but there is so much more it has to offer.

Utilise the Cloud to its full potential. Although cloud computing offers crucial benefits and legal companies now commonly use this technology, for example to get 24/7 access their data and files regardless of their location. There are multiple solutions the cloud can offer and we have started to see more and more legal companies explore deeper the technology it can provide such as email archiving and the secure storage of data within UK Datacentres.

Take a fresh look at Data Security. In response to General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) that needs to be implemented by May 2018, companies need to take this opportunity to look into the current security of their data and explore how risks can be eliminated by Cloud storage to ensure they are compliant and free from potential data breaches in the future.

Work Smarter. Modern day lawyers use their smartphones constantly but can feel restricted when it comes to desktop based files and processes. To work smarter and eradicate access constraints between offices, cloud technology should be utilised to provide one central point of storage. What this provides to a firm is much more flexibility and puts them one step ahead of competitors, especially when trying to attract a new generation of employees.

The legal sector as with all businesses is ever changing and firms need to adapt in order to grow their business. Cutting-edge IT is an obvious way of taking advantage of technology while innovating for the benefit of their clients and company.

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