Technology and Education

Technology over the years has hugely changed how we work, live, socialise and learn. 

 When it comes to education not everyone would agree that this is for the better, but when you think about the impact it has made to the classroom alone, it is hard to argue this point.

Take access to information, students formerly had to rely on teachers, libraries and purchasing text books, which then potentially they only needed for one term. But now the internet gives them access to online videos, audio books, wikipedia, the list goes on and on.

What about sharing information and working on group projects, previously you were partnered up to work with someone as they lived closest to you. But now students can work with anyone and from anywhere, they don't need to be physically in the same room, they can just utilise one of the many Apps that are available.

Technology is such a powerful tool and it will continue to transform education and the way we work in business for years to come.

As with schools and colleges, businesses will need to make big decisions on whether to take advantage of the opportunities provided by technology in order to change the way they work

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