Sunday is International Women’s Day 2020

As an IT company generally we seem to get fewer females applying for our Technical roles. It would be great to see more females getting into IT, so we had a quick Q & A session with a couple of our fantastic technical ladies to see how they got into their chosen careers.

Hannah – IT Helpdesk Manager

Kayleigh – Service Desk Technician

  • At what age did you start to take an interest in IT?

    K: Around 15 years old

    H: I’ve never been particularly “technical” but do like gadgets. I studied IT at school but that was pretty much the extent of it!

  • What do you think drew you to technology, can you remember what spurred your interest?

    K:Video games spurred a lot of my interest and watching TV shows about a lot of tech even if it is unrealistic.

    H: To be honest, I’ve never really had that much of an interest in IT, I fell in to an admin role at an IT support company more through necessity than interest. But once there found learning new things more interesting than I anticipated!

  • How did you get into it, for instance did you study in school in particular subjects, what did you do after school related to the job you are in now?

    K:Studied programming in University, prior to that I didn’t study or take any subjects around it, a lot has been in my own time or learning on the job.

    H: I did a GCSE in IT, but nothing after, I left school and went straight to work

  • Was it a career path you always intended to follow?

    K:No it wasn’t

    H: No, luckily it’s a career I fell in to by accident but now find interesting!

  • How do you feel working in a predominately male environment, was this something you noticed while studying, that there seemed less girls interested in this area?

    K:I can’t say it is something I’ve ever really sat and thought about, it is something that has been made aware to me on several occasions by lots of different people from university on wards but it’s never bothered me. I definitely noticed it more from uni onwards but that’s because it was the start of a path for me in the IT industry. The only downfall is I haven’t ever really had many female friends or a group of female friends for it.

    H: It’s not something that I’ve noticed or ever had any issues with.

  • Is there any advice you could give other ladies interested in getting into IT

    K:Just to pursue their passion, IT is definitely different every day you work and the knowledge base is endless so you would never get bored or necessarily know everything because there is always something to learn.

    H: Simply to give it a go, no two days are the same. Every day I learn something new and on the whole it’s very enjoyable.

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