Still not sure what the law expects of you when it comes to electronic marketing?

Leading up to the 25th May last year no doubt you will all recall the countless emails we all got asking to re-consent to thing, opt-in again, most of which was to services that we had not signed up to in the first place. In all cases, this wasn’t the right approach from a Data Protection Perspective.

It seems that organisations are still not sure on what the law expects of us when it comes to both electronic marketing and having the data in the first place. On numerous occasions over the last month I have unsubscribed only to find myself still on the e-marketing list for the next newsletter (something I really wanted!).

No doubt you are finding the same?

Even more frustrating is the conversations with in-house lawyers that do not grasp the obligations of the various data protection laws, especially where marketing is concerned.

This is further reflected with conversations with organisations across different industries. It is apparent that there is still uncertainty on how to get marketing right to grow a business.

As a result, I have put together a half day course on how to get marketing and data protection right so you can grow your business in the right way.

Learning outcomes are:

  • The relationship between two different data protection laws you need to know
  • In what circumstances legitimate interests can be used for marketing
  • How to obtain and manage consent
  • The different types of direct marketing
  • What you need to consider where list brokers and third-parties are involved
  • Ad networks, online marketing, cookies and social Media – the role they play, risks associated and how to manage them
  • Legal cases and PECR Fines – Why they were levied and how to avoid them
  • Practicalities of direct marketing in your business
  • Ability to assess your activities and make decisions on how to grow your business using marketing lawfully

If you think your business could benefit from getting its marketing right to grow your business in the right way, please get in touch to find out more.

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