Stay safe everyone – Happy Shopping!

It’s Black Friday tomorrow and a lot of people may use this day of sales and bargains to start the dreaded Christmas Shopping.But this is also a great opportunity for cyber criminals to take advantage and target companies and individuals with phishing emails to lure them onto bogus sites.

This time last year we caught up with Jezz Gobran from i-Secured who gave us three tips to stay safe:

1) With plenty being bought on line and to be delivered there will be numerous delivery company used, one of which will be DH1. At a glance it looks like DHL, as our eyes are expecting DHL we don't always spot the difference. Be vigilant and watch out for these, the email will be asking you to either input details, click a link to go to a website to track the parcel. Doing either will let the attacker in.

2) Emails that appear to be from stores/websites that you either shop at regularly or know of with great offers will try to entice you to either open an attachment or click on a link to see the sale items. As with the DHL scam, if you open the attachment or click on the link, your system or you will be compromised.

3) Adverts that pop up on the web whilst your browsing offering great Christmas deals aren't always as they seem and can have malware hidden in them. If you like the offer, rather than clicking on the advert, type the URL or website name into your browser and click the x in the top corner of the pop up.

Stay safe everyone – Happy Shopping!

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