Regulary work outside of the UK, but need to take your business with you?


LYNESS Accountancy Practise - Chartered Certified Accountants

The Challenge

As worldwide travel was part of their daily business they needed access to their information, wherever they were. The obstacle to this was the unique accountancy applications they used, which had never been developed for use in the Cloud before.

Customer Pain Points

Systems old and out of date, difficult and unreliable to use.

Low productivity due to support issues raised to the IT Help Desk.

Security of Data a risk.

Working remotely virtually impossible.

The CSCM Solution

Their onsite server was transferred to a total cloud solution.

Remote scanning and printing added to aid agile working.

Security limitations incorporated limiting access based on user and geographical area.

Email transferred to the hosted exchange service, giving access from any device.

To guarantee connectivity to the data centre a leased line was integrated into the main business premises.

Customer Benefits

Complete access to information from anywhere in the world at any time.

Reduction in capital expenditure

Complete piece of mind in regards to data security with a UK secure datacentre, with 24 hour monitoring and generator power back up.

Increased productivity due to a reduction in downtime.

The enhanced ability to interact with clients.

Customer Comments

“Having no geographical limitations in regard to access is a tremendous positive”

Roy Lyness, Director

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