Read the story of our Apprentices Class 2017-2018

The media has recently ran stories about the reduction in companies choosing to take on apprentices following the introduction of the Employer Levy back in 2016.

At CSCM we feel so strongly about the importance of bringing young people in the workplace who have a passion to learn, that we would like to share the story so far of our latest recruits.

In 2017 we partnered with LMPQ, based in Worcester they work with employers to place individuals on an apprenticeship that suits their skills and needs. Their tutors work closely with the student and the employer to ensure there is a firm learning plan in place and that all parties are happy with their progress.

We were sent two applicants from LMPQ when recruiting for an apprentice in August 2017. What we came across were two driven, intelligent young men who presented themselves with such confidence, there was no way we could make a decision between the two. So for the first time ever, we made the decision to hire both of them.

Rahul and Logan were put straight into the Technical Department and soon became involved with our very busy helpdesk. As with all apprentices they were assigned mentors to ensure they always have a point of contact available for guidance, although the technical department as a whole are always on hand to give advice.

So a few months on we have asked the guys what they have learnt so far, how they feel they have developed, how LMPQ have supported them and lastly what advice they would give other young people who are thinking about apprenticeships.


During my apprenticeship LMPQ have provided me with the essential knowledge to start a career in IT. I have received the empathetic support that I need to help develop my professional knowledge as well as aiding my personal growth. The tutors at LMPQ have a wealth of knowledge and have shared with me what they know about the industry to ensure that I make an impression on my employer and start my career with strong foundations. As the lectures are taught by IT professionals that know the industry inside and out I find that while at work my classroom knowledge comes into play more that it has before, I would pin this to receiving relevant education tailored for the job role.


Since starting at CSCM I have picked up a number of things, from the very first day I started to learn new skills. As time goes on I learn more and more, I have now gained Tier One technical skills, which I continue to develop. I recommend being an apprentice to young people who do not want to go to University. I say this because you are getting hands on experience instead of learning everything from text books and not then getting the chance to apply what you have learnt, by getting first-hand experience you are able to see how it is done and learn a lot faster. Another reason is that you are getting paid to learn, that will only motivate you to learn more and more. LMPQ have helped me in more ways than one, firstly they helped me get a level 2 work skills qualification which looks good on my CV. We also learn new things about IT and the teacher always make sure you have a good understanding of it, no matter how long it takes.

Word from Tom Glibbery – Helpdesk Manager

As their manager I find the support they receive from LMPQ to be very reassuring. LMPQ are very hands on with the apprentices and the regular structured time in college is a benefit to everyone. Each week they come back into CSCM with new skills that they have learnt at college that they are keen to try out, I also hope they take the skills learnt here in the workplace are also taken back to college with them too. We fully believe in working with young people with an obvious passion for IT. They bring fresh ideas into our fast paced and ever evolving Technical Department, but also they get an education as well as hands on day to day experience, which cannot always be learnt in a classroom environment.

Customer Feedback


“Good Communication ticket solved quickly”

“Logan is very efficient and is gaining valuable technical knowledge. I am sure he will become a valued member of the CSCM Team”

“Great fast service from Logan”


“Very pleased with the service”

“Very helpful and polite, sorted a tough issue in the end”

“Good and helpful – thank you Rahul”

Overall they have both approached their roles with considerable enthusiasm and a great work ethic. It’s rewarding to see them develop and both have become a big hit with our customers, having received positive feedback. They have fitted into the team well and now form a vital part of our helpdesk by resolving a lot of tickets each week.

Feel free to visit the LMPQ website to read more about what they do.

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