Quick Tip - Before you open a suspect email

Do you receive emails on a daily basis that seem to come from organisations that you are familiar with, or may have brought from at some point. They offer you discounts and include links to read more, they may also come on the back of a recent purchase and ask you to click to verify your email address.

More often than not the link they have included will be a disguise and although it may look genuine, purely sends you to a phishing site or could cause your systems to download a virus.

So just a quick tip for you, there is a way to view and verify the link without actually clicking on it.

If using a desktop then you just need to view the email in plain text as oppose to HTML. You can change your settings via Trust Centre in Outlook.

If using a mobile device just press and hold the link without clicking on it. While you press and hold it will display the hidden address.

As always we strongly advise that if you are in doubt and it looks suspicious then it probably is and therefore it is best to just delete it.

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