Project Management

Any IT project that affects a number of users, no matter the size of organisation has the potential to be a nightmare. But with careful planning in advance, risk management and collaboration from both sides  there is no need for things to go wrong.

To prove this theory, check out our example below:

Mission - Server Solution Update

Business sector of customer - Hotel/Hospitality

Travel to Site - 5 hours

Time on site in duration - 5 days

Total number of users 50-99

Number of devices affected -  100-249

CSCM man force on site - 2 People

Hours worked - 60

Before arriving on site, the CSCM team spend hours planning what needs to be done and what solution best serves the customer, but importantly how they can achieve this without affecting the day to day running of the business.

So if you are guilty of putting off major decisions in regards to your IT infrastructure, get in touch with us. We have experts who are trained in making things run smoothly.

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