Our Network Cabling Experts have been working overseas.

Global CSCM customer Hi-Force had recently acquired new, much bigger premises in Holland.

The current state of the network at their new site was not suitable for use and needed urgent work in order to accommodate the users and their needs. They were unable to share any data and there was no real usable IT infrastructure in place.

At the start of the project as you can see from the related video on our Facebook Page, there was literally a bunch of cables in an old cabinet.

The guys travelled to Holland early Monday morning and on arrival started work to re-terminate all current cabling into new patch panels. They added additional cables and network points. A new cabinet was put in place to neatly house the cables.

Once this was complete the guys did a full health check of the network to ensure the customer was placed ready to start using the site to work.

For projects such as this, our engineers meticulously plan weeks ahead, this includes site visits to assess what the customer needs and confirmation between both parties that the solution is perfect and fit for their purpose. Not forgetting that all equipment, tools and materials need to be ordered and delivered to the place of work to make sure the project runs to plan.

Including travelling time two engineers completed this work within 5 days.

The team are experts in IT infrastructure and network cabling, this includes upgrades, adding new users, office moves and expansion.

For a limited time we are offering a free network site survey if this is something you feel we could help you with. Please get in touch by emailing us or visiting our website and downloading network design information.

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