Not Happy With Your Hosted Desktop Solution?

Are you currently using Hosted Desktop in your workplace?

If you are we would expect you to agree that moving over to Cloud based IT was the best decision your business has ever made.

However as an IT and Cloud Solutions company we are aware that a sizeable proportion of businesses are just not happy with their current set up. There are a few reasons why this would be the case, for example

Solution is not right for the business

Lack of support and help

Restrictions on applications supported in the cloud

The pain points go on and on.

At CSCM we totally manage and support all our Hosted Desktop Customers. All data is stored on our equipment in multiple locations in UK datacentres. The solution is perfect for their business and we know this as our engineers understand that business.

We offer Solutions and not just a service, we can either work alongside your IT department or become your IT department, either way together we create long terms innovative plans for the future of your IT.

If you are not happy with your current IT provider or feel you are not getting the best from your current hosted desktop service– then please get in touch to see the difference we can make.

Call Adam on 08431 66 88 66 or drop us an Email

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