Manufacturing moving forward with the use of cloud technology

The world of manufacturing has always been moved along by new technology but the shift from internal I.T. systems to cloud technology seems to have taken a little longer than other industries. This has mainly been due to poor internet connectivity in the industrial areas where a lot of manufacturers are based and the reliance on computer controlled devices needed to be on site to manage machinery. However a number of manufacturers are moving forward and adopting a number of solutions to improve a number of business processes.

The biggest advantage of cloud technology can been seen with the adoption of centralised data storage and applications, many manufacturers still have applications that haven’t been directly reproduced by the software vendors ready for the cloud, however using hosted desktop and server solutions these are now being addressed. This is allowing companies with multisite operations to have a centralised IT system for all sites based in the cloud, this doesn’t stop at UK operations cloud services have no boundaries which means these solutions can be extended across the world. This has started to give UK manufacturers options on centralised data and application storage within the UK, with the added advantage that this can be accessed across the world giving the company full control of its UK and International data, this is even being extended with the use of private cloud services where providers can guarantee that the companies data stays in the UK, something that is being questioned by a number of businesses ahead of Brexit.

There are many operational advantages including total control of data access which is becoming more relevant with the ever looming requirements of GDPR. The adoption of hybrid solutions by manufacturers is also moving the use of cloud services forward. There are a number of hybrid services to create failover systems for a number of manufacturing processes and machinery, this can be seen in the controlling of CNC machinery, this is long overdue as these systems are often left to run until they expire which can be a risk that can be costly if a system fails. Taking these processes to the cloud sounds risky but with reliable internet connectivity businesses are creating effective recovery solutions giving the business 24/7 redundant solution options. This means that manufacturers now have a cost effective solution for protecting the very heart of the business using cloud technology in a new way.

I have no doubt that the initial slow uptake from the industry is soon going to overtake other industries as manufacturers start to see the advantages ahead from using cloud services within their organisation.

Jude Thompson - Managing Director

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