Keep Your Staff Communicating and the Team Strong

Last week we talked about ways to stay connected as a business while your teams are working at home. As time goes on inevitably you may start to struggle when it comes to sharing large files and as a team keeping open strong lines of communication.

So to help you overcome this we have put together a few suggestions:

Dropbox Trying to share huge files and documents from home, concerned about safety, then Dropbox is a great option. It is a cloud application so your information is safe and it makes sure your whole team can access files as and when they need to. Last week we mentioned Zoom, the good news is Dropbox can be used in conjunction with it.

Slack A great communication tool and an alternative method of interacting and sharing information with your team. You can use it alongside Salesforce and Zoom so information easily flows throughout, also works with other popular apps.

Trello Makes it really easy to coordinate your team and projects, importantly it keeps everyone organised and it includes the ability to share documents safely, also works well with many well liked business apps including the aforementioned Dropbox.

Asana This is a work management platform which can keep your team focused on their projects, tasks and goals irrelevant of where they are. It is very good for coordinating work especially when face to face catch ups are not an option.

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