Keep Safe – Have you thought about Your Password Lately?

An article in The Guardian this week reports of a Cyber-attack on Scottish Parliament which comes just weeks after a similar incident at Westminster, back in June.

MPs within Scottish Parliament were warned that hackers were attempting to access their emails by repeatedly trying to crack their passwords. Although officials were not aware of any successful breaches and so far no emails had been compromised, they warned staff that it could mean they were locked out of their emails.

Parliament’s robust cybersecurity measures identified the attack at an early stage and additional security measures have already been put in place.

But following this threat IT staff carried out a mass sweep of employee passwords and identified that far too many of them were too weak and could be easily unpicked. Staff have been urged to update their passwords with longer and stronger combinations of letters, numbers and special characters.

As always we urge that you stay vigilant and be aware of suspect emails and links. But reinforce part of the above message and suggest that you think about your own passwords:

  • Have you used the same password for years, is it simple, straightforward and potentially simple for someone else to work out?
  • Do you have one password that you use for everything, inside or outside of work? If this is the case and that password was hacked, then you would not just be compromising data from one system, this could potentially have a detrimental effect on your personal data.
  • Do you share passwords with anyone, if so bear in mind the opportunity you are then opening up to a potential hacker.

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