January 2018 Newsletter

Hello Everyone

Happy New Year to you, I hope you had an amazing Christmas break and that January is treating you well so far. It's always a struggle getting back into work after Christmas, with the dark mornings and cold days. But we are excited to announce that the offices here are all back to normal, our renovations are nearing completion and the Technical team are back in their new extended department downstairs.

Jude and I are busy planning the year ahead and look forward to bringing you news of what the team are up to and where we plan to exhibit this year. So far we have secured a stand at Legalex and Cyber Expo in London, we will be there for a couple of days in March, more details to follow next month.

This year I have introduced a new feature 'word of the day' whereby hopefully I will pass on to you a word you are likely never to have used, along with the pronunciation and definition. I will be very impressed if you already know it, feel free to let me know if this is the case.

Lastly if you would like to feature in our newsletter, drop me a line.

Best Wishes

Head of Marketing


CSCM Christmas night out
Fish and Chip
Welcome to the Team
Dig for Disabilities
Predicted Cyber Threats 2018

CSCM Christmas Party

The whole company enjoyed a fantastic Christmas night out together last month. After a busy year it was a great way to get glammed up and enjoy the festivities.

Look out for more news later in the year about CSCM and Ghetto Golf!

Fish and Chip Fryday is back for 2018

We are excited to kick start our year with the ever popular Fish and Chip Fryday networking lunch.

Please Join us on Friday 19th January at Hagley Golf Club, at 12:30pm

  • Free drink on arrival
  • Traditional Fish and Chips
  • Delicious Dessert
  • Tea/Coffee
  • Guest Speaker
  • Free Business Card Raffle

Only £18.00 per person Click to Book

Welcome - Ben Matthews

We would like to introduce a new member of staff. Ben joins our busy Helpdesk Support Team and will be working alongside the technicians in our extremely busy technical department.

Dig For Disabilities

As supporters of the Birmingham based charity Gro-Organic we would like to take the opportunity to let you know about a new fundraising page they have launched.

It’s called ‘Dig for Disabilities’ and they aim to raise money which will be used to enable 250 people with mental health diagnosis & physical disabilities to continue their community gardening projects in Birmingham. If you would like to read more or make a donation please click here.


Remember we now offer Data Destruction and Recycling as a service for only £9.99(plus VAT) per PC or Laptop. We work with the highest accredited IT recycling and Data Destruction organisation in the UK. Click for more information.

Predicted Cyber Threats 2018by Jezz Gobran

Crime as a service

We’ve seen software as a service (amongst other things) for a while now and no doubt you will have some “as a service” from CSCM. But in 2018 it is expected that with the cost of cyber-attacks being pennies or free to facilitate, the increase in people offering such attacks is on the rise and these attacks don’t require large numbers of people, just a knowledge of “how to”, google, YouTube and the dark web can all help with this.

Internet of things
Over the last few years more and more devices/electrical items are being connected to the internet, in many cases little or no consideration has been given to the level of security on those devices and on the whole once they are connected to the internet, there is nothing to stop someone accessing those devices and in turn the network or router they are attached to.

Supply Chain
A supply chain has always been an issue and will increase in 2018. Irrespective of how robust your own business is, a weak security position of your suppliers is the easiest way into your business. For many businesses they simply take their suppliers at face value when they are told that they are secure. Ask questions, go to see for yourself the measures they are taking.

Regulations - GDPR
Everything I have outlined above and more is covered under the GDPR where personal data is concerned. Understanding the data you hold, where it is, how it is accessed, how it's managed and protected. It's a risk based approach that's required.

They are all big enough problems on their own, but together,,,,,

If you are the decision maker in your business, do you understand the risks and what you need to do to protect your business from all angles? If you would like to discuss it, please get in touch.

noun pronounced eˈnakre'nɪz(e)m
A thing belonging or appropriate to a period other than that in which it exists, especially a thing that is conspicuously old-fashioned.
(Example of use - the presence of bizarre anachronisms undermines the historical value of the picture)

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