In-house IT Support versus Outsourced IT Support

In-house Overview

With a good IT knowledge background and ongoing training an in-house IT support team definitely has its advantages. One being the knowledge of your actual company setup and the systems you use.

Obviously based on site, the team will be there to deal with problems quickly and if they have the correct training, efficiently. I mention team as most companies will need more than one IT specialist on site, as in reality this person cannot be there 365 days a year.

You may have someone for instance in accounts who is just really good with computers and IT, they may not be trained in this area and it’s a bonus to the firm, but who covers their job when they are called away for help by other members of staff?

You might feel the costs associated with in-house staff are more affordable, but you have to consider the constant ongoing training, as all staff working on your IT and covering your IT where necessary (in the case of holiday and sickness) will require this on a regular basis in order to keep up with ever changing technology and updates.

What about issues that happen out of hours, will you have to pay overtime?

Outsourced IT Overview

Having a contract with an external IT company gives the assurance that your systems are constantly monitored and managed. With a fully managed support desk, a good IT company will have technicians with a broad range of expertise.

It will not matter what device you are using or that potentially you are working away from the office, you will not be reliant on getting support just while you are onsite. The IT Company will be able to remotely connect to your systems and troubleshoot in order to minimise downtime, a visit is rarely required.

You will not need in-house support staff and therefore can save on associated costs, most external support contracts are pay per user or device, so the package can be tailored to your specific needs and can be paid for in affordable monthly payments..

As well as a helpdesk team, most IT companies will also provide you with an account manager, so you will be able to obtain advice for future changes to your IT infrastructure, such as expansion or office moves.

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