How we have responded to the Business Impacts of Covid-19

Our customers rely on CSCM to still support them and for that reason its pretty much business as usual for the team. There are restrictions in some areas in regards to site visits for obvious reasons, however our helpdesk is still open and fully functioning, as our advisors have everything they need to work from home.

Fortunately as the majority of our customers use CSCM’s own Hive Cloud Solution their infrastructure, data and applications are safely stored in our datacentres and we are able to effectively manage their systems remotely.

But like most companies the last two weeks have not been easy, keeping our staff safe has been at the forefront of our business plan, but we have worked hard in order to source equipment for our customers, quickly embed solutions for home working as well as dealing with issues as they arise.

As a company we are proud to be helping businesses function and operate as close to normality as possible in this difficult time of change.

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