How to keep your data safe

Now there’s a question and one that’s probably a little misleading, but now your reading you should just carry on. The answer unfortunately isn’t quick or simple, there is no silver bullet and it requires more than just one solution. Let me give you an example of what I mean.

Think about your home, I’ll make an assumption that you have some high value items that belong in a safe, the key is hidden (or you don’t share the combination with others), the safe will most likely not be in view, the outer doors to the house will be locked as will the windows, I would imagine you have an alarm, when it was new there was an instruction manual so you know how to use it and it gets put on when you leave home. If you have kids, the chances are you will have told them and shown them how to lock doors and windows.

Now think of your data, and yes, it all has a value, commercial or otherwise. To protect it, it should be behind secure, updated technology (the safe), your password (which you wouldn’t share or make easy to guess would you) is the combination, it’s hidden behind encryption and only accessed by the people that should access it, similar to the safe being out of sight. The instruction manual for the alarm is like the policies and processes that you have in a business so your team know what to do, why to do it, when and how. The locks on your home are like the physical protection of your building and what you’ve told your kids would represent the training/awareness your team go through to recognise the risks and how to protect your business.

All of these are some of the key components of keeping your business and its data safe and secure, people, policy, process, IT, physical security. All of it together gives you’re the layers required to protect your business, one on its own doesn’t, as so many have found out in the past.

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Jezz Gobran – i-secured

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