How quick is this!

Dustair Limited based in Brierley Hill, West Midlands are one of our manufacturing customers that uses our Hosted Desktop Solution, as they wanted the ability to share files and data all over the world, as part of their daily business.

As an example of our customer commitment we would like to share with you a quick story of events from last week.

On Friday evening at 18:14pm Dustair emailed the Managing Director at CSCM and asked,

“Hello chap, sorry to bother you direct, any chance someone from support can contact me urgently having a problem with the scanning / email system and I need to send stuff overseas . 6.10 Friday, I’m at office, I think it might be to do with permissions”

Response from MD at 19.06

“I will get one of my guys to help you”

At 19:16pm Dustair replied,

“Sorted thanks, always there to support us when we need you , thanks again , have a good one “

Our customers have personal email addresses for all their key contacts at CSCM, we recognise things can go wrong anytime, we are not just a 9 – 5 support company and are proud to be recognised for this.

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