Great News

We are pleased to announce that we will be sponsoring Gro-Organic for the next 12 months.

Based in the West Midlands the organisation is built from a team of people who are passionate about creating outstanding green spaces whilst investing in local people and the community.

By offering our IT support and services we hope the organisation will grow and prosper over the  coming 12 months and we will look forward to helping the charity whenever we can.

"The sponsorship, led by Jude Thompson will also have an impact on the ground. With the financial savings of the services that Jude and his team are offering, means we will be able to recruit and train 2 community volunteers each month to deliver free food to those in need through "helping hands". They will learn how to sow, grow and harvest on local allotments whilst signposting service users to other vital support services. Jude & your team, thank you so much, your impact will be felt by people and places throughout the West Midlands" Sarah Forbes - CEO.

To read more about Gro-Organic, click here.

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