Global Hosted Desktop – Another Great Success Story

The Customer’s Story

Hi-Force Netherlands BV is part of a global group with HQ in England and regional offices in several parts of the world. As ongoing improvement of our IT systems, somewhere last year it was decided that the complete group (globally) will change to the hosted desktop services as offered by CSCM.

I believe that Hi-Force NL was the fifth or six Hi-Force reginal office to make the change to the hosted services, after successful changes at other regional offices, such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Malaysia, etc. (Hi-Force Netherlands had, up to that moment, its own server, remote desktop server and work stations).

Obviously it required some organisation with regards to files on old server (mostly a big clean-up exercise which was well overdue anyhow) to make the transition as smooth as possible.

The system was already created in the back ground by CSCM incl. installation of specific software we need (for example our ERP system), internet connection was tested, etc., and in July this year, Jude Thompson and Dave Brown came over for a day to our office in Holland.

Server, workstations, router and modem were all removed and CSCM installed new Cisco router/modem, network switch and the new Wise terminals. All without any problems and any delays, finished within 1 day ! During that day, users were off line for less than half an hour (during physical change of workstation to Wise terminal).

A backup of our old server was taken back to UK, uploaded to the new system overnight and as of next morning, fully up to date and up and running with the new system.

We are now using the system for 5 months and we had not a single issue, no downtime and any required maintenance to the system is announced well in time and done outside of normal working hours. I have to be honest (and I was really very sceptical), I am very impressed by the hosted system by CSCM. System can be accessed via Wise Terminal, PC, laptop, iPad, mobile, etc using the Citrix App. Also, the helpdesk does respond quickly to any question we raise.

Within Hi-Force Holland, we now have 7 users on this system, within Hi-Force globally, I really can’t tell you, but must be well over a hundred users.

Big advantage of the system for me … it’s “worry free”. No hardware updates or replacements, no local service contract with an IT Company, no worries about licences and legal software, automatic update to newer version of software, etc.

Mar Noordhoek | Managing Director | Hi-Force

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