Four Quick Steps to Protect your Data from an Attack


  • Do you know this Company?
  • Do they normally send you files like this?
  • Are you expecting an email with a file like this?
  • Is it ‘Too Good to be True”?

    If you receive an email from a company you have never heard of, with an odd looking attachment, chances are it’s not a genuine email. So don’t risk it, an average ransomware demand is over £500 *(SC magazine Uk July 2016)


  • Call the Person/Company to check it’s genuine
  • Has anyone else had the same message?

If you are unsure just call the company up, but don’t use the details on the email, look them up. If everyone has received the same email and offer, it is unlikely to be genuine. Raise awareness internally, let your colleagues know, they might not be as vigilant as you.


  • Keep antivirus, anti-spam, web filtering apps up to date
  • Make sure you have the latest Windows Security patches
  • Always backup important data and don’t store it locally

Sadly threats like these do not always get picked up and blocked, scammers use clever techniques to exploit loopholes in security, but keeping protective apps up to date ensures you minimise risks. Have a back-up, this is your ‘get out of jail card’ as you can retrieve data held before the attack took place.

Quick Tip – Test your Back-ups on a regular basis.


If something just doesn’t feel right, then delete it, if it is from a genuine company they will be back in touch.

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