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The QE Hospital
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Fish and Chip Fryday
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The QE Hospital

As you may recall back in November CSCM celebrated its 21st Birthday. We hosted a special Fish and Chip Fryday networking lunch as it also coincided with the launch of The Business Hive.

To celebrate both of these important events CSCM agreed to donate all proceeds from the networking day to the QE Hospital in Birmingham.

I am pleased to say that we raised and donated £400.00, so I would like to express my thanks to anyone who was involved or attended on the day.

60 Seconds with Aaron Wright

Job Title - Technical Engineer Length of Service - 2+ Years

My general day to day tasks include solving as many problems as possible for our users. I also answer and resolve support calls, assist other members of staff when needed for slightly more complex problems, as I’m not just a pretty face (in between eating the communal office biscuits and waiting for people to make rounds of coffee).

I am beginning to frequently attend more sites to resolve issues that require a physical presence, which I really enjoy.

I like my job because every problem is different, which means that you’re constantly kept on your toes and you’re always learning. I get to meet a multitude of interesting characters and the staff at CSCM are incredible to work with.

Interesting Fact
I’ve been playing guitar for around 9 years now and spent my summer last year travelling through Europe with my band.

Fish and Chip Fryday

Networking Lunch

17th March 2017
12.30pm - 14.30pm
Hagley Golf Club
£18.00 per person

This is a fantastic event and we always get great feedback.

It starts off with an informal free drink around the bar followed by a sit down lunch, both giving you the opportunity to mingle and network.

Then while you enjoy your coffee and dessert you will be entertained by our guest speaker, who we have already secured as Mark Wormald from Sandler Training, a global Sales Improvement and Development Company.

Following this some people choose to introduce themselves to the room, some don't but there is no pressure.

To close the event we have a free business card raffle.

Book your place now and see for yourself why this lunch is so popular.

Mar Noordhoek | Managing Director | Hi-Force

Customer Feedback - Hosted Desktop

Hi-Force Netherlands BV is part of a global group with HQ in England and regional offices in several parts of the world. As ongoing improvement of our IT systems, somewhere last year it was decided that the complete group (globally) would change to the hosted desktop services as offered by CSCM.

Obviously it required some organisation with regards to files on old server (mostly a big clean-up exercise which was well overdue anyhow) to make the transition as smooth as possible.

The system was already created in the background by CSCM including installation of specific software we need (for example our ERP system), internet connection was tested etc and in July this year, Jude Thompson and Dave Brown came over for a day to our office in Holland.

Server, workstations, router and modem were all removed and CSCM installed new Cisco router/modem, network switch and the new Wise terminals. All without any problems and any delays, finished within 1 day! During that day, users were off line for less than half an hour (during physical change of workstation to Wise terminal).

A backup of our old server was taken back to UK, uploaded to the new system overnight and as of next morning, fully up to date and up and running with the new system.

We have now been using the system for 5 months and we had not a single issue, no downtime and any required maintenance to the system is announced well in time and done outside of normal working hours. I have to be honest (and I was really very skeptical), I am very impressed by the hosted system by CSCM. System can be accessed via Wise Terminal, PC, laptop, iPad, mobile, etc using the Citrix App. Also, the Helpdesk responds quickly to any questions we raise.

Within Hi-Force Holland, we now have 7 users on this system, within Hi-Force globally, I really can’t tell you, but must be well over a hundred users.

Big advantage of the system for me … it’s “worry free”. No hardware updates or replacements, no local service contract with IT company, no worries about licences and legal software, automatic update to newer version of software.


If you would like to know more about switching to Hosted Desktop
Please Get in Touch

Is Your Business Safe? - by Jezz Gobran I-Secured

Over the last few months there have been an increase in action and fines taken by the Information Commissioners Office against organisations we would have expected to have a better level of security and compliance (Councils, Polices, Banks and a social health care trust).

This got me thinking about the suppliers to our businesses, how well do we know their systems, how well have their team have been trained on the cyber risk or data protection, how do they protect our business and personal information, do we just take it for granted that they’re doing the right thing?

Talking from personal experience, my clients want to get a good understanding of how their suppliers manage their information and are very surprised when what they expect and what they get don’t match up and it’s not just around the cyber risk but lack of security around paper documents as well. Your security may be robust but if your suppliers aren’t there’s an easy way in.

Here’s a couple of stats worth noting and thinking about, 37% of all incidents were due to cyber security misconfiguration and 22% increase in breaches through lost or stolen paperwork, some staggering figures. Putting it differently, that could be a third of your suppliers that have misconfigured Cyber Security and a quarter with little control on paper documents or worse.

It's your business and reputation in others hands, are you confident it’s safe.

"Great things in business are never done by one person. They're done by a team of people" — Steve Jobs

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