Fancy a bit more Space in your Workplace?

Need to create Space in the Workplace?

We have recently worked with a customer and the feedback on the impacts of what we did may surprise you. The customer had made the decision to move their entire IT infrastructure over to the cloud.

Most IT companies talk about the endless benefits to any organisation of changing to Cloud Based IT.

For Example:

Security of Data

Flexibility to share files and data all over the world

Company standardisation

Agile Working

Affordable monthly payments

Automatic Updates to Anti-Malware and Anti-Virus Filtering

Helpdesk and Support

But a huge advantage we may not focus on as heavily is that your onsite servers can be removed, as your data is stored and backed-up in the cloud eliminating the need to house this onsite.

So depending on how old your onsite servers are and how much space they currently occupy, it may be worth thinking about what you could utilise that space for if they were removed.

Think about storage, are you struggling and could you take advantage of the space that currently houses IT equipment?

Are you desperate to expand and potentially could place a desk or two if space was created by making onsite servers redundant?

If you have removed onsite equipment you have also removed the associated costs of maintaining this, how could this money be used for the better of your business?

The customer we have used in this example, thanked us as they had taken on a new employee and created a desk space where their servers used to be.

If you think we could help your business by moving your IT Infrastructure over to the cloud, call us and speak to one our account managers today.

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