Everchanging Technology

In Business nowadays how many people just work Monday to Friday, 9 till 5pm at a desk in the same office, day in day out?

How many people have data stored in a ring binder on the shelf in the office?

If they want to pass on information from that file to a colleague in an office in another division do they spend most of their day in the car travelling to deliver it?

Realistically nowadays you see people working in a café, on a train, checking emails while picking the children up from football on a weekend, answering an email during an ad break on a Sunday evening or even on a sun lounger round a pool while on holiday.

They have access to all their files, emails, data and contacts on that handheld device as long as they have internet connection. They have the ability to send and receive data as they would when sitting in the office, but they know that data is secure and backed up should it be compromised.

We automatically expect there to be internet connection wherever we are and we are rarely disappointed.

The reason you see all of the above is due to technology. It changes all the time and as an IT and cloud solutions provider, we are always looking for the next best thing.

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