Cyber Security …….

Is it worth gambling on something so important to you, your company, your employees and the customers that have put their trust in you?

It is not just about keeping your data safe and having the knowledge your data can be restored, it’s the simple things you can do to keep the criminals out:

1 – Internal Cyber training and awareness sessions for your staff

Do they know what a malicious email or link looks like?

2 – Mail Protection

Do you have any filtering on your email, to stop harmful emails even reaching an Inbox?

3 – Web Protection

Video links, social media posts all carry potential access to dangerous sites, get accessto compromised websites blocked.

4 – Keep your Anti-Virus up to date, are you using the latest update?

Make sure you are always using the latest available version and look out for important updates, for your vital applications.

5 – Password Protection

Look into using a free service such as Last Pass, this gives you one master password for all your applications and keeps your individual passwords safely locked away.

Not all cyber-attacks involve high-end technical skills, they basically take advantage of security mistakes and human oversight. Hackers will choose the most lightly defended targets, such as computers that have not had updates installed or users that do not tend to question malicious and suspect links.

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