CSCM Newsletter November 2017

Hi Everyone
Welcome to November, I hope the month so far is 'treating' you well and your bonfire night celebrations went with a 'bang'.

I am aware Jenny has been keeping you up to date with my many charity challenges and I am pleased to confirm that all the events I signed up for have now all been successfully completed. For anyone that kindly donated, thank you so much, your help was greatly appreciated.

I find it hard to believe that we are into November and that we will shortly be holding our last fish and chip networking event of 2017, it has also been twelve months since the launch of 'The Business Hive.' We have started to plan 2018 and are looking forward to exhibiting again, we have already booked our stand at The Olympia in London, you can read more details below.

Later this month all of CSCM will be attending the Black Country Chamber of Commerce Annual awards as we were selected as finalists for two categories. I am extremely proud of everyone in the company, whether we end up as winners or not. I am sure we will have plenty of photographs to show you in next month's newsletter.

Lastly just to keep you up to date with our office renovations, the work has now started on the 1st floor and we are pretty upside down at present. Walls, doors and rooms have been removed and rebuilt across both floors and although at present the end result seems a long way off, I am excited to see how the new offices will look.

Have a great month everyone


The Birmingham Marathon
Team Chat
Welcome to the Team
Legalex - London
Fish and Chip Fryday
Word from Jezz at i-Secured

The Birmingham Marathon

On Sunday the 15th October Jude not only completed the full Birmingham marathon but he also then started again and ran the half marathon. He completed this with local legend blind Dave Heeley and they were both raising funds for The Albion Foundation.

Jude is very close to reaching his target donation figure, having already achieved this with the Queen Elizabeth Hospital fund. So if anyone would be willing to donate, please read more about what the Foundation does by clicking on the link above. If you could donate please click here, it's not too late and it would be greatly appreciated.

60 Seconds with Tina Woolvin
Job Title - Director
Length of Service - 20 years

I have worked at CSCM for over 20 years and had the pleasure to see the business develop and grow into what it is today.

I am responsible for the business administration and quality management, I have developed and implemented the administration systems, processes and procedures we use today.

Working closely with the senior management team I also ensure CSCM continues to deliver a high quality service throughout all areas of the business. I am very focused on continuous improvement and never stop looking at ways to make things work better.

Lastly I am responsible for HR, Health & Safety and most importantly keeping the Managing Director in check.

Welcome to the Team

We would like to introduce Alex who joins our sales team, as an Account Manager.

He will be working alongside Liam and Jude as a point of contact for our existing customers and also any potential new customers.

Alex likes to talk and therefore I am sure you will find him a great point of contact for any queries you may have.

Legalex - London

Following the success of our former exhibitions we have now secured a stand at Legalex London in March 2018. This event is paired with the legal cyber security expo and therefore we are really looking forward to getting out there and talking about what we do and how we store and secure customer data.

Fish and Chip Fryday is Back!

Friday 10th November 2017

12.30pm - 14.30pm

Hagley Golf Club, nr Stourbridge

Are you doing enough?by Jezz Gobran

There has been two things that have really stood out to me this month but for different reasons and the story behind the second really does smell fishy, never the less the end result was still the same and should not have happened.

The first is something I think we will see much more of over the coming months and years and maybe what makes PPI look like small change and I don't say that lightly.

Two thousand ex Morrison's employees sue the supermarket chain for a data breach. The ins and outs of what did happen or didn't happen are not really important, what is important is the end result, negative publicity and a class action over an internal data breach. Knowing what I know about the challenges the retail industry face when controlling effectively the processing of personal data it doesn't surprise me and what it will do is open the door for others. Even if this and others aren't upheld they will still eat time and money out of organisations that could be spent in a better way, valuable resources that could be used to increase wages, better conditions or better service for their customers.

Think of how you would feel if your data was breached because of lax data processing activities, would you feel wronged and want to take action, probably, I know I would if the basics weren't even in place. Ask yourself this, with less than 7 months left until the changing DP law is enforced, are you doing enough by your employees and customers so you're not in a similar position to Morrisons?

The second is the highly confidential and sensitive data from Heathrow Airport found on a USB stick in the road. The circumstances are very dodgy but either way the fact is lack of security controls, both procedure and technology based which allowed this to happen, something I am sure CSCM and i-Secured could help eliminate if you still allow the use of USB sticks in your business!

The crown jewels of sensitive information leaving your business as it did Heathrow, if that got into your competitors hands what damage could it do to your business, only you know that, but, but my guess is, it wouldn't be great news!

So two things, poor data protection and information security controls have led to negative publicity, a fine from the ICO, compensation for the affected ex-employees and significant legal fees when it could all be easily avoided, don't be in the same position, please get in touch.

Find out more about us at and get in touch with me at

"Nothing is impossible, the word itself says - I'm Possible"
Audrey Hepburn

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