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Hello All
I hope you are well, I cannot believe we are into May already, this year is flying by.

Well 2018 so far has been very good for us and I am over the moon to announce that CSCM is now a patron at The Black Country Chamber of Commerce. We have been involved with the Chamber for many years now therefore to be recognised as a company who can represent the IT Sector for Black Country Business is something I am very proud of, Jenny has included the official press release below.

I have seen quite a few of our customers over the last few weeks while we have been out either exhibiting or networking as a company, it's great to be able to catch up however briefly at these events and always a good to see a familiar face.

Lastly as you may be aware CSCM are one of the main sponsors of the annualBlack Country Road Racethat takes place in Halesowen in July The majority of CSCM take part whether that be running, walking or strolling, it's great fun and I definitely recommend getting your colleagues, friends and family involved.

Enjoy the rest of May everyone,
Best regards

Proud to be a Patron
Summer Networking Event

Stourbridge RFC Lunch
Remember the Bandwaggon
Fancy a quiz night?
Quiz time - It's all about May

Proud to be a Patron

Official Press Release

The Black Country Chamber of Commerce is delighted to announce that longstanding Chamber member CSCM IT Solutions have upgraded to be a Patron.
Locally based CSCM IT Solutions has been operating within the Black Country for over 22 years now. They hold strong links with other local businesses as well as charities and therefore joining the Chamber quite a few years ago now was an easy decision.
Their relationship with the Chamber has flourished over the years and they became a member of The Platinum Group in 2012. In late 2016 Jude Thompson the Managing Director of CSCM accepted a Directorship of the Board with the Chamber and Jude has enjoyed working closely with the board ever since. Therefore, now being a Patron will further cement links to the Chamber, CSCM are delighted to be recognised as a company who could represent the IT Sector within the region.
Jude Thompson commented “I feel so honoured that our firm is now recognised as a Chamber Patron, I always remember when we first joined the Chamber, a customer once told me that one of the main reasons we got the contract was because we were Chamber members and that there was unspoken trust amongst members and the membership carried a prestige.

Summer Networking Event - The Terrace at Saint Paul's House

Due to the popularity of last years networking lunch in Birmingham we will again be hosting a summer networking event in the City Centre.

This year we have secured a beautiful all weather terrace at Saint Paul's House in St Paul's Square.

As you can see the venue is amazing and we will be offering a buffet lunch with a drink on arrival not forgetting our guest speaker, free raffle and a roof should we need it.

Friday 20th July between 2.00pm-4.30pm £22.00 per person

Click to Book Now - As Places are Limited

Black Country Business Festival

As part of the Black Country Business Festival we exhibited at The Chamber Expo last month, held at The Grand Station in Wolverhampton.

The event had a great turnout and it was good to meet other local businesses from around the region.

Stourbridge RFC Lunch

Jude, Tina and I attended the annual Rugby lunch at Stourton last week. It was huge event, a fantastic turn out for the club and with some amazing guest speakers.

Included on our table was Phil Everit from The Leicester Tigers, plus his partner Fiona, Craig Dubberly and local supplier Wayne Edwards.

Remember the Bandwaggon by Jezz Gobran

In 24 days (at the time of writing this) the world is going to come to an end (or so some would believe) or the 25thMay would have arrived and gone with little or no changes to their data protection practices and because the ICO (Information Commissioners Office) hasn’t turned up at their doorstep surely the lack of compliance would mean that they are OK. Alternatively there are some that think that either they or someone they bring in can “do their GDPR” for them. I’m sorry, but I’m about to shatter some illusions.

GDPR cannot be done, certification is not going to happen (at least for a few years as there is no such thing) and compliance is unlikely to be achieved and maintained. Unless of course there is a shift in working practices and culture within a business along with a significant shift in outlook and recognition that some investment is likely (accountability, privacy by design and security of processing, all obligations of the Regulation).

Notice, I use the word investment and not cost or price, but many still see GDPR as a cost and not an investment, again a shift in mind-set is required (in my humble opinion). Whether we like it or not there is a law that has to be adhered to and unfortunately businesses don’t have the expertise (in most instances) to get to grips with the Regulation themselves as they have never needed to. As a result, in many cases, organisations either try to do it themselves or get in someone that can ‘do GDPR for them’ for a very small fee or done in a short period of time. Remember there’s a band wagon to be jumped on and plenty have!

Think about it for a minute, organisations invest significant amounts into marketing activity and sales people to bring in more business and to enhance the firms brand, most know something about the sales process and when things don’t go as well as they would like thousands are spent on sales training. Yet when it comes to a subject that most know little if anything about from a technical perspective, a subject that can have a critical effect on a business and its reputation, short cuts are required, why, because it can be a dry subject that most don’t think is as sexy as sales and marketing!

Done properly it can do both, protect and grow your business. Reality is, there will be plenty of organisations that think they can do nothing (initially), so when your firm invests time and money into getting it right and can demonstrate to clients what and how you do the right things with their data, which company do you think a potential customer will choose, you or the competition. Let’s not forget the word “demonstrate” is used in the regulation as an obligation and already organisations are asking their suppliers to “demonstrate” what and how they are complying. Guess what, if they can’t there is a strong chance that business will be lost as a result (because they have no choice but to only use suppliers that can demonstrate compliance).

Ask yourself this, will the cost become an investment or will you hope that GDPR goes away? Don’t leave it to chance or get it wrong (you may think it’s done properly, but how will you know. Remember the bandwagon!). There’s too much at stake.

If you want to find out more about your obligations, how to meet them and turn them to your advantage, get in touch

Blackthorns 5th Annual Charity Quiz Night

This years quiz night is in aid of Smile for Joel, this is a fundraising charity supporting families who are victims of murder and terrorism.

CSCM attend this quiz every year and it is a brilliant well organised evening, perfect for all you quiz lovers. Each year they chose a different charity and do so well in raising money for these worthy causes. Please read more about Smile for Joel by following the link above. If you are interested in attending you just need 4 people for one team, please email:

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