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Hello Everyone
Welcome to Sunny June, so far, so good. I cannot believe we are half way through the year, at least we are approaching holiday season and we can all take some time out to enjoy a bit of rest and relaxation.

So this month sees the kick off for the World Cup in Russia, we have an office sweep stake on the go, we are all ready and excited for the first match. Please wish me luck as I drew Saudi Arabia and apparently I am going to need it.

The sales team are taking CSCM out on the road again later this month as we are exhibiting at the Midlands Business Network Expo, you can read more about this below, but it looks like it should be a great event.

Well enjoy our monthly news and should you want me to share any of your good news stories in a future edition, don't hesitate to get in touch.

Kind regards
Head of Marketing


We are Exhibiting - Join Us
Summer Fizz and Chip
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The Aftermath of GDPR
Meet Jezz
Well Done Tom
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We Are Exhibiting

Come and Visit Us - It's Free

On Friday 29th June 2018 from 10.00am you can join us at The Midlands Business Network Expo at Aston Villa Football Club.

It is free to attend!

You and your business can make valuable business connections within the Midlands, generate new sales in this business market place and promote your business.

Please click to read more details.

Summer Networking Event - The Terrace at Saint Paul's House

Due to the popularity of last years networking lunch in Birmingham we will again be hosting a summer networking event in the City Centre.

This year we have secured a beautiful all weather terrace at Saint Paul's House in St Paul's Square.

As you can see the venue is amazing and we will be offering a buffet lunch with a drink on arrival not forgetting our guest speaker, free raffle and a roof should we need it.

Friday 20th July between 2.00pm-4.30pm
£22.00 per person

Click To Book - As Places Are Limited

Here at CSCM we are proud to announce that we have been shortlisted as a finalist for Employer of the Year in The City of Birmingham Business Awards 2018 in association with Downtown in Business.

It is always great to be recognised in any awards, but this means a lot to us as a company.

We would really appreciate your support, it's really quick and easy to vote, if you click on this link and add your name and email, then just choose CSCM in the category EMPLOYER OF THE YEAR.

May we take the opportunity to thank you for taking the time out of your day to do this.

The Aftermath of GDPR by Jezz Gobran

So the 25th May has been and gone, the world is still here, there was no need to get into the nuclear bunker unlike Y2K!

So in the aftermath of the so called “GDPR Deadline day” the world has not come to an end, businesses are still open for trade and whilst the hype and scare tactics seem to have died down, the obligations and expectations are still there. So here’s 3 points to consider if you haven’t started or finished your compliance requirements.
  1. The ICO’s radio campaign around our rights as individuals along with training sessions run by industry, regulators and businesses across the country has and will continue to raise the awareness. I am already starting to see the effects of information in the hands of consumers with my clients. Either subject access requests being submitted or not comfortable with the perceived lack of security around passwords on websites.

In the first instance, locating and identifying all the personal data you hold on someone can be a real challenge if you have multiple systems and may store information on a desktop, in email and network files.
  1. Organisational and technical measures seem to be something that organisations think is just IT. Knowing CSCM your IT will be very secure from a technical perspective, however, they don’t write your internal policies, procedures, business continuity plans, deliver user training on cyber threat or data protection obligations. These are some of the organisational measures mentioned in the regulation and must work in harmony with your IT controls. And no, before you ask, those template policies you have to tick a box on that don’t mirror working practices do not count!

What’s really interesting is that IT/information systems run everyone’s business, we couldn’t operate without them. Conducting an information risk assessment will help determine exactly what the risks to your business are and how to avoid them, using organisational and technical measures. Remember to a criminal, commercial data is like gold dust as well!
  1. There is still a lot of incorrect information around regarding email marketing. This is a separate piece of data protection regulation that needs to be adhered to as well as GDPR. If you do e marketing and are not familiar with it then it's worth getting to grips with E-Privacy to ensure you’re not breaking any other laws unknowingly.

When you’re running a business, which you are, it’s difficult to be able to get to grips with new legislation that can have such an enormous impact on your business. That’s what we are here for, to help you navigate your data protection obligations whilst keeping your commercial data secure. Please feel free to get in touch at

Meet Jezz

Every month we include some great advice and thinking points in respect of GDPR and the security of your data written by i-Secured.
Therefore I would like to formally introduce Jezz Gobran of i-secured, an expert in information security and data protection.
We get asked alot of questions about GDPR and always recommend Jezz. So if you need advice just drop him an email and have a chat.

Well Done Tom!

Our very own Tom Glibbery has recented completed the Great Midlands Fun Run. Despite it being a very hot Sunday morning, Tom still managed to complete the course in good time. The whole team here at CSCM are fully supportive and proud of the money Tom has raised so far. This is just one event Tom is taking part in this year so look out for more news as the year goes on. It's not too late to donate, if you would like to support Tom's chosen charity MIND, please just click here.

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