Criminals come up with new ways to snare us with viruses – CSCM come up with Solutions

First Line Defence

Within minutes we can restrict access to a database of millions of known criminal compromised websites from being accessed by your employees; not just in the office but also out of the office on their laptops too. If you cannot visit the compromised site then you cannot download the virus to your computer.

Social Media

Do you have users who sometimes get distracted at work on Facebook or Twitter? These sites are not only distracting but can also carry enormous security risks with links to criminal sites. Video links on Facebook that ask you to “click to see what happens next” are just ways to entice you to access their site, download their virus and take control of your computer.

You have the Choice

Web Security allows you to block access to multiple categories of websites at a click; social media, gambling and auction sites can be blocked for everyone or just a group of employees.

Take our advice – Deploy Web Security and Protect Your Business

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