Cloud Computing and the Legal Sector

Cloud computing is simply storing and accessing data and programs over the internet from a secure datacentre instead of having them onsite at your business premises.

We are experienced in working closely with the Legal Sector in order to evaluate and eliminate the risks when considering moving IT infrastructure to the cloud.

Vital Important Factors:

  • All data is stored on our own equipment in UK Datacentres so there is no risk of violating UK Data Protection Laws.
  • To ensure Legal sector safeguards we offer Private Cloud Hosting
  • We test compatibility of all systems no matter how unique and develop these within the cloud, so all application software and data will still be accessible.
  • To aid agile working, all data and applications will be available wherever the place of work, we also provide File Transfer services as an alternative to less secure file sharing services.
  • Our team of experts consider Legal and Ethical Rules that need to be conformed to and work with the client to evaluate the data that can be stored in the cloud and give solutions where needed to adhere to exceptions.
  • We offer a fully managed Helpdesk and Support Service and eliminate the need for in-house IT support, resulting in significant savings to a business.

As a global Cloud Solutions provider we ensure the transition to the cloud is safe, secure and the perfect solution for the client. The team travel all over the world and work to suit individual needs to guarantee as little disruption as possible to the working day.

If you would be interested in talking to us please contact one of Account Managers on 08431 668866.

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