Be Aware, don’t be caught out online this Christmas

Be Aware, don’t be caught out online this Christmas


At Christmas you start to see e-cards online and they are an easy way to send cards via email to people you don’t see very often.

You may see cards that have supposedly been sent to you from a relative, friend or associate, where it asks you to click a link to view it.

It is not advisable to do this as you clicking on that link may open you up to many things, such as viruses, annoying pop-up ads on so on. If there is any doubt just delete it.


These are often shared on social media and claim to offer you free vouchers from well-known stores. It just says all you need to do to claim your vouchers is click on a link and share the post. The link will then take you to a fake site where your details are taken. These are normally too good to be true, before handing over details, just check the validity of this by emailing the shop direct.

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