Are you a global company? Do you have to regularly share data and files overseas?

About Hosted Desktop

Hosted Desktop is simply an on premise IT setup, but hosted in a cloud environment. The Cloud simply stores data in a safe UK datacentre and via internet connection gives access to a customer’s entire network.

What this means is that the customer can benefit from reduced and manageable IT costs, they can also retire their onsite equipment as well as any ongoing costs associated to this.

The system is very safe and uses encryption to transfer data to and from a location, whether inside or outside of the UK. It also includes Anti-Malware and Anti-virus filtering, plus added security features such as multi factor authentication.

There is no need for onsite IT support as this will be monitored and managed by the IT provider.


Wherever you are in the world you will still be able to access the same files and data

Eliminate cross site travel in order to be able to share data

Data automatically backed-up and secured in multiple UK datacentres

Access from any device

Company standardisation across the entire business

Company relevant applications are adapted to work in the cloud

Transition is smooth and causes very little disruption to the company

If you would like to know more about what Hi-Force think about Hosted Desktop and their user experience, please read the case study on our website, or contact us direct.

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