7 Very Worrying Statistics about Cybersecurity in the Workplace

7 Very Worrying Statistics about Cyber security in the Workplace

  1. 77% of organisations’ workers admit that they have never received any form of cybersecurity skills training from their employer.
  2. 69% of employees doubt the cybersecurity processes in place in their organisations today
  3. 63% of British workers interviewed do not realize that unauthorised access to an email account without the owner’s permission is a criminal offense.
  4. 27% of workers use the same password for multiple accounts.
  5. 14% of employees admitted to keeping their passwords recorded in an unsecured handwritten notebook or on their desk in the office.
  6. 14% do not use multi-factor authentication for apps or services unless forced to do so
  7. 1 out of every 25 employees hacks into a colleague’s email account without permission.

According to a report from Poneman it’s time for people to get focused on Zero Trust Security, Read the full article.

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