1. Data Protection with our Offsite Managed Back Up Service

    Critical business data is safe with us, our system stores backups both locally on and off site in our ISO approved 27001 UK data centres. We store backups throughout the day, at the end of the day, weekly and monthly, so if there’s a problem we can quickly recover it.

  2. Multiple Site Access to vital data and systems using Hosted Desktop

    Wherever our customers choose to work, whether it be overseas, at home or while travelling, they are able to access the same documents and systems that they would in a local office, giving them flexibility and business continuity.

  3. Ethical hacking to target and test security

    We test for weaknesses and vulnerabilities in customer’s systems and use the same knowledge and tools that a malicioushacker would, but we do this in a lawful and legitimate manner to assess the security of a customer’s system.

  4. Secure Printing to ensure data is protected

    Customers using our hosted desktop can be safe in the knowledge that when printing potentially confidential documents we make sure this information is safely and securely delivered to the printer and not accessible by a 3rd party.

  5. Document Protection – Cyber Attacks and the risks to a business

    Customers using our managed desktop receive the best protection for their business against Malware and Viruses, they don’t need to worry whether their security is up to date, we take care of this to ensure they are always protected.

We use SECURE UK datacentres and host customer’s entire networks and data on our own hardware, our customers know their data is safe in our cloud.

You can read more about CSCM on our website or visit us on our stand at LawbizTech - Birmingham

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