4 Questions to see if your business would benefit from Hosted Desktop

4 Questions to see if your business would benefit from Hosted Desktop

1/ Would you like access to any of your data and applications, from any location, at any time?

Work remotely, travel overseas, be agile and even work on the work on the train. Wherever you are, even outside of the UK, you will still get access to your emails, files, applications and data, using the device of your choice. Your productivity does not have to suffer when travelling.

2/ Ever feel concerned about Data Security?

Your data will be automatically stored across two dedicated UK datacentres and additionally backed up at a third secure location, to give you total peace of mind. The system is very secure and uses encryption to transfer data to and from a location, whether inside or outside of the UK. Our service also includes Anti-Malware and Anti-virus filtering, plus added security features such as multi factor authentication.

3/ Are you looking for the peace of mind that someone is there to help you, should there be a problem?

We have a dedicated Helpdesk and Support Team, they will be there to help and give advice, should you need it. Your systems will be monitored 24/7 and we pride ourselves on working hard to improve our clients infrastructure and overall user experience.

4/ Looking to reduce Capital Expenditure?

By moving over to cloud computing you will be able to retire your traditional onsite equipment, as well as any associated on-going hardware maintenance costs. We make I.T. investment manageable, no large capital expenditure, just simple monthly payments per user.

The cloud is truly the next generation of business I.T. computing and should be a part of any Organisations future infrastructure developments.

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