Strut Direct

The Challenge

Firstly, CSCM examined why Steve felt the need to improve the infrastructure. Following a site survey by one of our Technical Engineers, we identified:

  • A basic workgroup with the majority of files stored on one PC
  • No centralised/scheduled backup, with data being installed to a few USB devices
  • Users could not work from home or indeed anywhere except the office
  • No server was ever implemented for the business

CSCM estimated that a capital expenditure of approximately £20,000 was needed to get Strut up to speed with modern day businesses. However, CSCM could also offer another solution.

The Solution

CSCM presented Strut Direct with the solution of a Fully Hosted Server that would reside on our Managed Datacentre. This would provide Strut Direct with an enterprise solution, without the need to outlay huge capital expenditure.

Key Benefits

Strut Direct raced to the forefront of IT infrastructure improvements as this cloud based solution offered the following advantages:

  • Unified email
  • Centralised backup on a 7 day rotation
  • The ability for all users to log in from anywhere around the world, as long as they have Internet access
  • SharePoint, allowing users to file share and document manage via one location
  • The overall service is paid for on a monthly basis, eliminating a huge outlay of expenditure at any one time
  • Strut Direct receive full on-going support from CSCM

Strut Direct gave CSCM the opportunity to implement the same solution a 200+ user corporate business would have.

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