The company approached CSCM at the time of an office merger, their current I.T. setup was insufficient for their needs and it was not possible to link the two companies, due to their data and files being on totally different systems. Their I.T. infrastructure at the main Worcester office was unable to cope with the addition of 40% more users.


With careful planning and redesign we doubled their network size and ensured the set up was sufficient for their needs. We also installed a central Wi-Fi system so users could move between sites without having to change settings to connect to the business network. We used fibre optic LES circuits to link the additional offices to the Worcester site, giving access to one central server, all data and internet connection. Modifications were made to the overall I.T. infrastructure resulting in a quicker, more up to date and reliable system. To give assurances and peace of mind CSCM provide ongoing I.T. helpdesk support and monitoring.


Re-designed and increased network size

Managed transition to one central point of application

Linked offices to create one network

Ongoing Helpdesk support

Complete I.T. refresh and update

Installed a managed Wi-Fi system across all sites

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