Although Jacopa were already using hosted desktop with another IT provider, they were not happy and talked to CSCM about the difficulties and pain points they were having with their current set up.


CSCM were able to quickly develop an understanding that enabled them to restructure the network at each of the company’s sites. This included removing old network cabinets, upgrading and replacing equipment including installing CISCO Business Switches, and removing old, unused equipment. Jacopa have also upgraded their wireless network and replaced Internet firewalls at each site with a CISCO Business grade solution.

With the new-hosted desktop successfully embedded, CSCM moved all applications and data from the company’s old provider to deliver a solution that includes the latest, up to date hosted desktop technology.


Utilisation of the latest hosted desktop technology

Technical support and engineers that fully understand their systems and business needs

Preparations in place for further IT solutions giving Jacopa the ability to plan for future IT requirements

A solution that compliments their business ethos of reliability and efficiency

Networks restructured at all sites

Improved work space by removal of old unused IT equipment such as network cabinets

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