Fircroft College

The Challenge

Fircroft College had one goal in mind to transform their I.T. and that was to enable students to get the best out of their learning experience. Fircroft wanted a more reliable and faster system to appeal to potential students. To make this possible, we worked in partnership with Fircroft to incorporate a viable infrastructure within a tight budget that was dependent on charity funding.

The Solution

CSCM utilised their relationship with a strategic partner. As a charitable organisation, Fircroft was able to purchase enterprise network and wireless hardware at significant discounts. This modernised the college's infrastructure, making it faster and more reliable. The new wireless system opened many doors. Students could bring their own devices (BYOD), which made the college more appealing to students and minimised I.T. expenditure. Importantly, the solution was implemented within Fircroft College's budget.

Key Benefits

Fircroft College's infrastructure was completely transformed, resulting in the following advantages:

  • Opening more doors to innovative teaching and learning
  • More appealing to potential students
  • Modernising student learning by implementing BYOD - Bring your own devices
  • Fircroft achieved their I.T. goal within a limited budget
  • Residential students became able to use the internet in their rooms
  • Continued support and consultancy from CSCM
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