Centek Group

The Solution

Appreciating that the current network cabling infrastructure and phone system didn't meet the needs of the business, CSCM's Communications Department re-designed the network cabling, so there were enough allotted network points for each user's working area, with additional points added for future devices. To minimise disruption, the majority of the work was conducted over weekends.

The old cabling was replaced with new structured cabling and a multicore fibre link connected the main office with the workshop area, which had been connected by a single cable. Using fibre to connect the cabinets not only added redundancy, it also ensured quicker transfer of data.

Having replaced all the old cabling, we now had the option to recommend an IP phone system to reside on the new structured network.

The NEC IP Phone system worked in the UK and the US, requiring two phones systems at each site connected via a 10mb lease line, used for data and voice. The phone systems were programmed to perform as one system, allowing the operator to manage calls for both sites.

Key Benefits

CAT6 Structured Network Cabling offers:

  • Unified infrastructure
  • Straight-forward Patch Management
  • The ability to carry higher bandwidths, whilst offering future resilience
  • Fault isolation

The NEC SV8100 IP Phone System offers:

  • Savings on call costs by routing calls via the lease line
  • Operator call management
  • Redundancy with failover
  • Fully Scalable
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