Blackthorns Chartered Accountants

The Challenge

Longstanding customers of ours Blackthorns Chartered Accountants, formerly of Kidderminster have recently gone through a total rebrand and office move to Lye, near Stourbridge.


To avoid any loss of time and make the transition as smooth as possible CSCM worked closely with Blackthorns and their associated providers, to plan in advance what was required from all parties involved and how this impacted on each other.

From this we assessed the main IT requirements:

  • Purchase of new Domain for Email
  • 3rd Party Liaison
  • Rebranding of Emails
  • WIFI connection
  • Removal of Network Equipment to new premises
  • Desktop set up
  • Broadband provision


A key point in this particular example is that Blackthorns had been using our Hosted Desktop service for 18 months at their original premises.

As a result all their data was already stored offsite, so once we had moved the equipment and ensured their new internet connection was live and running fine, it was a simple process to set up their desktops and get the company back up and working as normal.

From an IT view this eliminated the need to relocate any onsite servers and there was also no concerns about the loss of data, as it was already secure in our datacentre.

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